Perhaps one of the hardest things for people to get over in any task is the fear. The fear of failure and the fear of the unknown are two major issues that people tend to struggle with. I’m far from the first person to say this, but there is nothing to fear when it comes to doing something that is going to improve your life. Not even failure. Failure is merely an opportunity to learn, regroup, and apply those learned lessons to hopefully achieve success the next time around.

So what does this have to do with this site? Well, I just sincerely hope that it encourages people to branch out and actually live. Every one has their own life experiences and some times they see the need to better their life, but there are barriers to entry that prevent them from doing so. I’ve spent quite a bit of time myself dancing around the barriers. No more. When it comes to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness there are things you should not let get in your way.

This site will encompass a lot of things. Everything from building your own firearms to training, defensive mindset, and the importance of how all this ties together. There will also be adventure and fitness related material as your success is greatly increased when you are healthy and get out into the world. Life experiences are important and so is your health.

In a nut shell though, the purpose is to inspire. I am not an expert and I am learning along this journey. That’s not to say that I am ignorant or not well versed in a lot of topics I will talk about, but I think that there is always room for personal growth and you can always learn more. I will be embarking on my own personal journey, documenting it, and showing that any one can do any of this stuff. There is nothing to fear. Along the way I hope not not only show people that the barriers to entry are mostly in their minds and being new and interesting insights. Not only my own insights, but also from other people.

This will be a journey. Hopefully one that benefits other people, not just myself, and that helps people start their own journeys. I’ll be working on getting content up as fast as I can. Enjoy the journey guys… because its going to get crazy.