I know what you’re thinking. “You’re reviewing a key chain?!?” Hold on one second. There is much more to this little EDC tool than meets the eye. The key chain is made by Bone Tactical and its called the Bone Breaker Key Chain.

Some times the barriers for entry are not fear or intimidation, but other things such as OCD. I have really bad OCD when it comes to things that are stuffed into my pocket. If I do not have easy access to what I want, then I get annoyed incredibly fast. This includes having to pull multiple things out of my pocket to get to what I want. This prevented me from doing the EDC thing for years. I’m not joking either. Thus creating another imaginary barrier in my mind. “Eh, I don’t need to carry a bunch of junk I’ll never use any way.”

Admitting I was wrong…

Boy was my train of thought wrong. Its pretty easy to to discount something that doesn’t exactly work for you, but that doesn’t mean that its bad or wont work for some one else. When I was surfing YouTube I saw Bone Tactical. Granted Greg Tambone is a controversial figure to some people, but I noticed one of his products. Normally I don’t go for anything that looks gimmicky, but his key chain appeared to fix a problem I had. Giving me easy access to my key regardless of what is in my pocket.

Once I had seen the key chain and realize that it was a potential fix to my problem, I decided that I would give it a shot. I’m not going to lie, its a tad pricey for a key chain. As of right now, it looks like the cheapest one is $40 and they go all the way up to $60. The price difference is mainly due to materials used. You can get them in Steel and Aluminum.

Once I got mine in my hands I noticed a few things about it. The build quality was good. It was a good looking piece of EDC gear. It was weighty, but perhaps this is because I opted for the steel version. The Aluminum version weighs an ounce less than the steel version. I also noticed that this key chain completely invalidated my previous opinion on carrying EDC gear, which of course was largely based on stupidity. So how did it do that?

Its a key hanger…

This key chain did in fact fix my issues with my pocket OCD. It does this by hanging your keys off of your pocket. Essentially allowing you to throw a multi-tool, flashlight, knife, box cutter, or what ever you else you want to put into your pocket and still pull your keys out without having to dig through your pocket or empty your pocket. It has a loop that you simply hook your finger in and yank up. Your keys come right out.

I usually carry my phone in my left pocket and dedicate that pocket to only my cell phone. In my right pocket I clip my knife to my pocket and slide it to the back and then I keep a multi tool in my pocket at a minimum. I hang my keys with the bone breaker off the front of my pocket. If I am wearing Tactical Distributor pants I’ll stuff my Streamlight into my coin pocket on the right side. It fits great in there. If I’m wearing any other pair of pants, then the light goes into the corner of my left rear pocket and obviously my wallet goes in my right rear pocket.

So essentially the Bone Breaker allows my the use of my right pocket to stuff anything I need in there. I do stuff a lot of stuff in that pocket now. In practice it allows easy access to my keys plain and simple. My keys pull out easy and it doesn’t pull anything out of my pockets with them.

So its a one trick pony?

So you might think that this solves one problem. It does much more than solve one problem… and no its not also just good for flippy-doo tricks and stuff. The Bone Breaker has multiple functions. One is blatantly apparent though.

This thing doubles as a blunt force weapon. Its kind of like brass knuckles on a key chain. The key chain has multiple surfaces with which to strike with. You could use the bottom surface, which believe me, would hurt. It also has the loop around your index finger that you can strike with. On Bone Tactical’s web site they also note that this can prevent you from fracturing bones in your hand while punching with this. I’ve never fractured bones in my hand, but if it does in fact do that, then its definitely a nice perk.

I am not a self defense expert, so I am not going to get into how to use this thing. Its important that I point out that it can be used to defend yourself though. You definitely can take this thing in places that wont allow you to carry your gun or any weapons period. I have not tried to take this on an airplane or in a court house and I don’t plan on it or advise trying to. This thing is low key enough to where most people wont notice it and probably will never question it. Stepping through a metal detector or going through security is another story though.

Greg Tambone has a series of videos on Youtube on the potential uses of this key chain. As fun as it is to watch, I’m not sure if punching water melons is relevant to real damage it could do in self defense. I can tell you that I definitely don’t want to get hit with this thing.

But it has a bottle opener!

It does in fact have a bottle opener and I use it a lot. I think the important thing about this key chain is that it gives you option. Options in how you carry EDC gear and options in how you deal with a bad situation. In fact, perhaps my favorite thing about it is that it potentially gives you the ability to more quickly access your keys. In a situation where you’re in danger and need access to your house or your vehicle to avoid said danger, then this could be pivotal to either being caught in the open or putting something between you and a threat.

If escape fails, violence prevails… or something like that. In the event you cant get away and you face violence, then this tool has you covered. It doubles as an easy to use weapon. Your skills will determine how effective this key chain can be, but at least you have something. Oh yeah, and did I mention you can open bottles with it?

So what are you getting?

I’ve kind of talked about this a bit already, but its worth mentioning in further depth. The quality of this tool was good. Better than expected actually. I opted for the steel version just simply due to price. It is heavier, but that doesn’t matter much to me. I am unaware of what steel is actually used, although mine has held up just fine.

The finish itself, at least on the older one that I have, was Cerakote. It was applied well and looked nice… when I first got it. I have no issues with the finish, but you also need to understand that all finishes wear and in your pocket they tend to wear fast. Especially when they’re rubbing against other things in your pocket. Mine has been dropped, bashed, rubbed, smashed, ect. Its got a few very minor dings. The important thing to remember though is that this is a tool and I have used it hard.

Does it break bones?

Over all, the Bone Breaker key chain has held up and passed the test of time. I’ve been abusing mine for well over a year now. I don’t expect it to break. In fact I don’t expect any issues with it at all. I will continue to use it as it is an absolutely essential part of what I carry every day and it does its job well. Have I used it in a fist fight yet? No and I hope I never have to because something has gone horribly wrong if things have gotten to that point. With that said, I think that it would serve me well if I needed it in that capacity.

If I had some rating system that meant absolutely nothing, I’d give it a 5 out of 5. Since I don’t, I’ll just say that if you’re OCD like me or find value in a key hanging face basher, then look into them. Bone Tactical has all sorts of other nifty knives and in all honesty, I want one of their Tomahawks bad… You can check them out at https://www.bonetactical.com/.