The current political climate is absolutely insane. In fact, it can be down right mind numbing at times. Even I find myself not wanting to hear any more of the craziness, however, if we continually ignore what is going then we will lose our rights.

Thats right, I said it. We will lose our rights. Maybe not all at once. I remember when I got my first gun and started paying attention to politics. Back then I heard a lot of people say that the anti-gunners were slowly chipping away at our rights. Well, its true and some of the anti-gunners maintain that strategy. One major difference though is that some of them have become much more bold and much more ambitious.

Standing up for your rights.

I’ve talked to a lot of people about 2A rights. I’ll be the first person to admit that I am not an expert. I know a lot of facts and what I don’t know, I typically research. In my travels I’ve seen a lot of different 2A and anti-2A people. One thing is for sure, some times our 2A camp is divided and every one has different ideas of what needs to be done to defend our rights.

I can say with certainty that doing something is often better than doing nothing. I try to do what I can. Some times doing what you can isn’t doing as much as some one else, but every little bit helps. Be vocal and let your representatives know that they represent you and your interests. Better yet, remind them that they work for you. They are in fact a civil servant who is elected to office to serve YOU. They aren’t there to make money and serve their own agenda.

With all this said and a little side rant, there is a lot you can do. I will write more about all this later though. The purpose of all this is to bring attention to Rally for the 2nd.

Rally for the 2nd.

So what is going on? Well, there is a rally set in front of the capitol building in Washington, DC on November 2nd. I know that for many of us this will probably be impossible to go to, but if you are within driving distance or have the means to make it, then it would greatly help the Second Amendment. The more people and voices that show up, the less our civil servants can ignore us.

Perhaps that is the biggest thing, to be a massive voice for our rights that can not be ignored. This is a grass roots rally and it will only be effective if we the people participate. As I said, not every one can make it, but if you can, then it is important that you do. If you can’t, then put the word out. If you can spread the word and connect with some one who can, then you have greatly helped. Just because you cant be there doesn’t mean you cant help and share the word.

As far as I understand, there will be a handful of guest speakers. In all honesty, it should be a good time and a good opportunity to meet and hear some giants in the 2A community speak. It will not only be a valuable experience for the people who can show up, but a good opportunity to show our politicians that we will not tolerate their constant attack on our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

Show up… but if you cant, pass the word on and show your support.

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