I know what you’re thinking… “Seriously… its two months into 2020 and you’re just now getting around to this?” The short answer is yes. I’ve been a bit MIA lately and there’s a good reason for it. I’ve been really busy with work and that’s what keeps this site up. That also means that I have a few big projects coming.

Did that just peak your interest? Because if it didn’t, then it should. I’ve got a lot of stuff planned for this year. I don’t want to make many promises just yet though. Word on the street is that things are going to be busy at work. I don’t count my ducks until they hatch, but if it does stay busy, then I’ll be busy behind the scenes even if the blog seems a tad slow. Lets just say that things are coming.

Sooner rather than later.

So somethings that you can expect are going to be coming sooner rather than later. I left you all hanging with the “So You Want To Build An AR” series. I will be continuing that soon. What am I waiting for? Well, its got quite a few parts left and just because I might be very knowledgeable, doesn’t mean that there still isn’t a bit of research involved in some of my writing.

Its not just research though. I’ve got some projects that I plan on incorporating into that series. In fact, I’ve got two very big projects that are in the works. When I say in the works, I mean I am right in the middle of them. Money is spent, time is invested, and they are going to be bad ass. I’ve done some things that I have never done before and I’m going to bring that experience to you guys.

The other thing that will be continued sooner rather than later is my “Person Gear Evolution” series. That series is fun, but challenging. There are a lot of people out there who’s experience is incredibly valuable. I’ve talked to a handful of people and if they’re down, I’ll be bringing you what they have to say. It should make for an interesting read for sure.

A shot I took of Mt. St. Helens that I took a long while back. Back when adventure was a thing. I’m bringing it back…


This is something that has been lacking in my life for the last 3 years. I used to get out and go camping, backpacking, hiking, prospecting, and 4 wheeling all the time. Life happens though and sometimes it happens in a big way. I wont go into specifics, but I haven’t been able to get outside of town as often as I would have liked. That is going to change.

I cant make big promises in this department, but there will be some progress. I’m in the process of planning a hiking trip this year that I do plan on sharing with you guys. As of now I have a pretty good idea of where I plan on hiking. I have no clue how hard the hike will be, but the area I’m considering is an area that I’ve spent a lot of time exploring. Despite my time in the area, I’ve only scratched the surface.

This area will remain secret for now. I have spent quite a bit of time hunting down old gold mines, prospecting, and exploring there though. Lets just say that when I was there last, the area was wild. As in we had a bear run through our camp, there was plenty of cougar sign, the wolves made their presence known, and most amazing of all were the TONS of massive elk. I’m very excited about going back.

Politics and Rambling

Politics is another area where I have only been marginally active, at least on the blog. This year I plan on changing that. The political landscape is nuts. Our rights are under attack from so many different directions that it is nearly impossible to keep track of everything. I’ve been active behind the scenes when ever possible, but I have a platform and I intend on using it.

This year I want to see if I can converse with some very informed people who have been fighting for our rights. I’ll bring that to you guys. Perhaps it will bring new perspectives and provoke thought. That’s the point of this blog after all. On top of that, I’d love to bring attention to events that are coming up. Its hard to stay informed as far as what is going on when and where. If I can make it that much more easy to stay informed, then I will do my best to make it happen. I’d also love to give some 2A advocates an open platform to speak.

Training time is some times hard to come by, but it is immensely important.

As far as rambling goes, I plan on doing a lot more of that this year. It might be random, but it will be related to things we talk about on the blog. I plan on sharing every day stuff, insights, and things that intrigue me.


This year I plan on doing some training. I’ll be honest, I probably wont get out and do as much professional training as I’d like. I do have some plans to train with professionals though. I know there are some reputable trainers both traveling through my area (or close enough by) and that I have some trainers that are reasonably close. I’m going to do what I can this year.

With that said, getting out on my own and practicing what I do know is incredibly important to me. I haven’t shared this at all. That will change this year. I am not a professional trainer, so I’m going to be very careful as far as recommending certain things or advising people, but I will talk about what I do and why I do it as well as how I maximize my time while I’m out. Hopefully it helps some people.


This year you can count on seeing some projects. I’ll be bringing you some more Dissipator content. In fact that might come sooner rather than later. I can guarantee you two builds as of right now. Possibly more if things stay busy at work. One build will be incorporated into the “So You Want To Build An AR” series.

Through these projects I’ll be showing you the successes and failures. I’ll also be introducing you to people who have helped me along the way. There is one project that, as of now, has had two other peoples hands on it. It will be the only of its kinds in the world. I’m incredibly excited about it. It wouldn’t have gotten done the way it did without some expert help though and I plan on bringing that to you as well.

There is a project that I’m really hoping to get to this year that wont be gun related. “Sacrilege!,” you say. “Don’t waste blog money,” you might think… possibly out loud. Well, I need an area to work on my cars and guns. This year I’m going to try to make that happen and I might even bring you guys along for the ride. I’m a trained professional when it comes to building things out of metal and perhaps maybe I can bring some of you inspiration to build a back yard man cave of your own. This is still up in the air as its a HUGE commitment, but I’m going to try to make it happen this year.

A sneak peak at a project that will soon be featured on the blog.

Long Range Stuff… Gear… Reviews…

Those of you who know me, know that a good portion of my shooting experience has been in long range shooting. Last year its was mostly absent. This year I plan on dusting off my old long range blaster, going through it, and getting it back out in the desert. I also have two long range guns that need to be set up, have loads developed, and be dialed in. Sharing some long range shooting insights would be pretty fun. Its something that a lot of people don’t have the range to do and its also something that can be intimidating for some people. I’d love to take the time to demystify the topic and inspire people to do it though.

With all that said, I’m also planning on getting into some gear reviews this year. I like to get a lot of time on stuff before I talk about it authoritatively. Every piece of gear is different and some of it just takes more time. I’ve touched on a few pieces of gear in previous posts. It might be time to cover some of it in depth though. You can expect some reviews in the realm of gear as well as gun parts.

One of the best feelings in the world is hitting steel farther out than you ever thought you could. Long range shooting is like golf…. for men.

In conclusion…

So I’ve rambled on enough. This year should be an exciting year with some good content. It will also be a busy year for me if what I’m hearing is correct. So just remember, if I’m slow then I’m both making that money as well as working on things behind the scenes. Even if I don’t post as much as I want to be, I’m usually still always working on something blog related.

Be sure to stay tuned because there are two very unique builds coming up, hopefully a ton of adventures, some political activism, training, and a lot of other neat stuff. You definitely don’t want to miss any of what I have coming up.